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01 October 2020, 10:50

IMO website currently unavailable - working to restore systems

IMO website currently unavailable - working to restore systems: IMOHQ-3

A number of IMO’s web-based services are currently unavailable.  

The issue (since 30 September 2020) is affecting IMO’s public website (, and internal intranet services.

Internal and external emails are working as normal. Service has been restored to the GISIS database  (; IMODOCS (; and Virtual Publications (

The interruption of service was caused by a sophisticated cyber-attack against the Organization’s IT systems that overcame robust security measures in place.  IMO IT technicians shut down key systems to prevent further damage from the attack.  The IMO is working with international IT  security experts to restore systems as soon as possible, to identify the source of the attack, and further enhance security systems to prevent recurrence.

Contact Information

Natasha Brown
Head, Public Information Services
+44 (0)20 7587 3274
+44 (0)7814702093